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🌿🦋 Exciting News! Join us for the Great Southern Bioblitz 🦋🌿

Get ready for an incredible citizen science adventure at the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB)! 🌍🔬 Scientists and the community are teaming up to survey and document as many species as possible within 96 hours, right in your local area.

📅 Mark your calendars: November 24th - 27th, 2023 🕛 From 12:00am on Day 1 to 11:59pm on Day 4

🔍 What's the GSB all about? It's your chance to explore, learn, and contribute! No expertise needed – just your curiosity and enthusiasm. This event is perfect for families, kids, and solo adventurers seeking to connect with nature.

📱 How to participate?

Grab the free iNaturalist app or visit their website:

📸 Capture living things with your camera or smartphone during the event.

📤 Upload your photos to iNaturalist. The app does the rest!

📷 Photography tips:

🌱 Snap plants, animals, insects, birds, fungi – anything living!

🐚 Even evidence of life like shells, tracks, and feathers counts.

📍 Where to explore? The magic is everywhere! Your backyard, seashores, parks, trails, and more. Check our page for the Overstrand boundaries.

🤔 How many photos? It's up to you! Capture a few during your weekend stroll or dedicate a day to discovery. Every photo contributes!

🦉 What's a Bioblitz? Think of it as a biodiversity extravaganza! Discover and identify as many species as possible in a short span. Let's showcase our region's diversity and compete with other zones – every photo is a step towards victory!

🔗 Use #GSBioblitz #BiodiversityExploration #NatureLoversUnite to share your journey!

Let's make this year's Great Southern Bioblitz a roaring success!

🌼🦉 Can't wait to see you there!

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