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Great Southern Bioblitz, 2022 Day 3

This year there has been much engagement across the network due in part to the lifting restrictions of COVID-19. This has been complicated by extensive rains in south eastern Australia, leading to several areas being unable to organise as clean up of ravaged towns had been a priority. Meanwhile Brazilian elections were also held over the weekend distracting many of our Brazilian friends. With all this going on it will be interesting to see how the event results all go.

There is a popular children's book in Australia called the Very Hungry Caterpillar, It looks like the main character met its match with this is the very hungry (Striated) Pardalote. They got it down eventually.

(photo credit Graham Possingham)

In the Queanbeyan region just outside Canberra the morning was stunning (between Antarctic blasts) and our new organisers welcomed the Veterinary Capital Paws Group for the first Wandiyali~Environa Spring BioBlitz, celebrating our biodiversity and uploading sightings onto the Atlas of Living Australia ( platform), such a great crew!

(Black-tip or Swan Greenhood (Hymenochilus sp)

In Victoria the water watch group joind another new group of organisers in Melbourne at Elsternwick Park added some waterbugs to the biodiversity count. Sadly our night watchers were rained out last night - though they did manage to add some frogs!

Brazil's Luciano Bernardes, who uploads his records as luciano_bernardes, is so far the most prolific collaborator in America with 96 species. Luciano Bernardes from Brasil, who uploads her records as luciano_bernardes, is so far the most prolific contributor for America with 305 observations.

Sinegugu Zukulu in Mpondoland is getting into the spirit of the #GSB2022. On a cracker of a day they found an Endangered Pondoland Pincushion 'Leucospemum innovans'. This species only has 11 records on iNaturalist.

While in eThekwini a small but enthusiastic group blitzers were fortunate to gather at a remarkable site being surveyed for the 1st time Thoyana, under administration of the Ingonyama Trust traditional authority #gloriousviews, so who wants to go to South Africa?

In Huila, Colombia, a team led by Jeison Rosero and Edwin Arrigui advances the Bioblitz with more than 500 people from schools, universities, environmental groups, entities, corporations, monitoring groups and associations. Where data has been divided and recorded from Palermo, San Agustin, Colombia, El Pital, La Argentina, Garzon, Isnos, Villavieja, among others, where they all join efforts and are making a wonderful record. Below is some action shots of the Gran Biobusqueda del sur Huila visited the wetlands of Neiva (Huila).

There was also a traditional Gran Biobusqueda del sur Huila excursion compleat with amazing waterfall this route covering the of the the municipality of Colombia by the University Corporation Minuto de Dios - UNIMINUTO.

Meanwhile in Mendoza, Argentina Benjamine Bender held a how to session in Central park in the city of Mendoza, with good participation of the people.

Meanwhile kudos @paulomoura who's picture (below) of a Carineta diardi from São Paulo, Brazil was iNaturalists Observation of the Day, please like and share on Twitter , instagram and facebook .

Finally some news media

Great Southern Hemisphere Bioblitz' at Alfredo Nyffeler Park today and tomorrow in Maringá

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