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Become a citizen scientist and participate in the biggest bioblitz across the southern hemisphere!


So, how do I get involved?

To contribute to the event, all you need to do is download the iNaturalist application to your handheld device or make an account on your computer and make an observation(s) between 24 - 27 November 2023.

​After this date, you will have 14 days to upload and identify your observations (until 11th December).

Don't worry if you cant identify the organism. Just make sure you get some good clear photos or sounds.

Can I participate anywhere?

First and foremost, all observations must be made somewhere in the southern hemisphere during the event.

Participating areas

Each area can register its Local Government Area (LGA) (this may have another name in your region), provided no one else has already this area. Areas can also be made of several LGAs that have combined resources.

On the iNaturalist platform, an LGA may be made up of one or more preloaded shapefiles. You can also upload separate files - your local council should be able to do this.

iNaturalist Nodes

The platform has several nodes that upload the collected data to a national database. With that in mind, it's best to use your local 'Node' (see below) if there is no node in your area then use

iNaturalist Australia

Use this node in Australia

iNaturalist NZ — Mātaki Taiao

Use this node in New Zealand


Use this node in Argentina


Use this node in Colombia

iNaturalist Ecuador

Use this node in Ecuador


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