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Great Southern Bioblitz Day 2, 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

A great morning out was had by the team at Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary along with with Native Fish Australia ( NFA ) Vic doing a fish survey of our wetlands as part of the Great Southern Bioblitz.

We got a range of both native and introduced species including Flat-headed gudgeon, Dwarf Galaxias, Long-necked Turtle, tadpoles, Mosquito Fish, yabbys and shrimp.


It looks like the team from are engaging the public with the inaturalist wildlife club, showing a girl taking picture of a tree, but she had a grass hopper on her shoulder, the officer took a picture of the grasshopper on her shoulder. Lesson never let an opportunity slip by!

A big fa'afetai lava to everyone who turned up to our first ever Bioblitz as part of the Great Southern BioBlitz! You can find the Samoan project here

We made 81 observations of around 24 species but heard and saw many others that we were not able to photograph. A great learning experience for all and we were happy to learn a new free app- to identify species!

Malo lava Teuila Sinclair for organising the event!

In Kenya today the Herpetology and Icthylogy team were on location. We're going down the Mbagathi river to explore the fish , reptiles, amphibians and their ecosystem. On the way down Tobias managed to gage the expectations of the participants. The team managed to get five species of fish one being the mosquito fish which controls breeding of mosquitoes mostly at coast of Kenya

It looks like an amazing well organised event, it is interesting how each area has a different approach. It is obvious that Kenya has a lot to teach us about engagement. In the evening there was a frog expedition, which appeared to be very successful here are some observations from the nocturnal amphibian exploration.

Later in the evening Kenya held a Moth night, led by Alex Musyoki from The National Museums Entomology section, setting up a solar light hoping to find moths at the field lab.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, Jonathan Whitaker made a challenge for slowest moving bioblitzer of the #GSB moving several meters in five or ten minutes to get this far from the cars (visible in background) - blitzing near Harare this morning :)

Meanwhile kudos @spidermandan who's picture (below) of a Velvet Lynx SpiderOxyopes flavipalpis was iNaturalists Observation of the Day, please like and share on Twitter , instagram and facebook .

In South Africa there was much activity as well here are some pictures shared with us

Botanising in Mpondoland!

Team Matatiele and sis Vathiswa 😊 pushing out day 2 of the GSB!

In Victoria Michael Cincotta, Biodiversity Coordinator at the Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary at La Trobe University, was (mayby still) leading at the momment the GSB22, in number of observations (713) and species (426).


From the Chinchaycocha, the Luchin frog has so far managed to gather 85 observations and 21 species.

Still two more days to register and hopefully results from the Swamp Villa night experience. Tomorrow Sunday there will be several groups making organized observations on various projects.

Meanwhile, rest for now. Let them rest.

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