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GSB21 - Double W - Who, and Why (would you join in?)

It is now less than 100 days before the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB), an opportunity for regions in the southern hemisphere to show off their biodiversity through observations uploaded to iNaturalist.

If you haven’t been a part of a bioblitz before, allow me to gently nudge and encourage you to get involved. Once you have the ‘bug’ (pun intended) you’ll feel how exciting it is to learn the names of and pay attention to, the other forms of life that we humans share spaces with.

Observations can be of all sorts:

  • plants like shrubs, trees, herbs and grass

A carnivorous plant known as a sundew. This one is Drosera aberrans.
For good examples of commentary and expertise from users on the iNaturalist platform, click on these pictures.

animals including all insects, bugs and birds, fish, frogs and falcons

A really unusual and special '2 in 1' observation by @thebeachcomber - Goose Neck Barnacles Lepas anserifera attached to a Scaly Rock Crab Plagusia squamosa.

  • fungi: mushrooms, toadstools, puffballs and boletes (and many more)

Heterotextus miltinus - sorry, no common name - how about we make one up?.. Tiny Yellow Lanterns? This one is growing from a burnt eucalyptus tree.