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Thomas Mesagli's how to Explore Nature inspires Sandy (clearly South African!)

Righty-ho folks! Time for some boasting (I mean motivating, of course )!

Last week I attended an interesting presentation online: Nature Exploration using iNaturalist by Thomas Mesaglio - you can view it here:

What really struck me were these two slides. The first one gives overall statistics for iNataturalist - and you can see the data being recorded is substantial and continuing to grow.

The second slide has the top six countries' stats. Have a look ... but let your eyes be drawn down to the AMAZING figure bottom right! That's right - South Africa is far and away the champion when it comes to observations per observer! So well done and thank you to all of our amazingly eager citizen scientists!

I also had a look at the species per observer ... and it looks like this: USA 0.07 Canada 0.22 Mexico 0.48 Australia 0.95 UK 0.22 South Africa 1.69

We have our incredibly biodiverse environment to thank for this. What an amazing part of the world we live in! Let's keep showcasing this and capturing information through the year - and gear up for our second #GSB which is happening from 28 - 31 October this year.

Please sign up for your local project if you haven't already done so - then follow their Project Journal for information and tips.

You can follow sandy on the Overstrand project she always has some fantastic tips!


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