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Exploring McMinns Lagoon Wildlife Reserve

I was out at McMinns Lagoon Wildlife Reserve, NT today for a walk, this was the first time I ventured to the reserve and what a great spot situated in 41 hectares of unspoilt wetland just 35 km south east of Darwin. During my visit I recorded at least 48 species (some below). Quite larger and diverse than I have imagined with several woodland walks I noticed there was no iNaturalist project so I set one up to quickly reference my records you can check it out here McMinns Lagoon Recreation Reserve, should be a great resource for the The McMinns Lagoon Reserve Association Inc

view from the south end of the Lagoon

The McMinns Lagoon Recreation Reserve is a natural jewel amongst the Municipality's Reserves. It offers nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike a wide spectrum of bird life and butterfly activity all year round.

Species list

The Reserve holds a comprehensive Bird Sanctuary and contains one of the largest varieties of flora and fauna habitats in the Northern Territory.

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