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The CVA Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz

Connect with Nature where you live with the Conservation Volunteers Australia Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz.

Australia is a vast and diverse continent with biodiversity that is unique and changes dramatically from state to state.

The Great Southern BioBlitz, the largest citizen science event in the southern hemisphere, is a way people can learn about the biodiversity around them and take action for nature.

With CVA’s Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz, citizen scientists can record the biodiversity in their own backyards, neighbourhoods and local areas. Everyone can get involved – right where they live.

By using iNaturalist platform, their collected data goes to the Atlas of Living Australia, our national biodiversity database, which helps scientists and land managers make better decisions about our local environment.

In the 2021 CVA Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz volunteers from across Australia recorded nearly 50,000 observations, collecting data on over 7,000 species across Australia. It was quite a citizen science achievement!

For 2022 we are again providing the opportunity for all Australians to take part in the CVA Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz. People can join our dedicated iNaturalist page and be part of a national community contributing their backyard biodiversity data to the largest citizen science effort in the southern hemisphere and learn more about nature near them.

By being part of the CVA Backyard Great Southern BioBlitz, everyone can do their part in helping biodiversity, one backyard at a time. The information gathered as part of the CVA Backyard Bioblitz will support a growing national network of people building biodiversity back into their backyards and neighbourhoods through Nature Blocks.

If you'd like to find out more about the CVA Great Southern Bioblitz click here.

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