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Under 10 days to go now!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Great Southern Bioblitz 2023 is nearly here!

Here are some last-minute tips for bioblitz success:

  • Plan your day - look to explore some new parks or nature reserves you may not have been to before

  • If you're going exploring - be prepared! Take a bag with guidebooks, water, snacks, first aid and of course spare batteries for your camera, or a portable charger for your phone!

  • Explore a diversity of habitats - you are going to get more species if you go to a variety of environments, like the rockpools, the forest, the heathland, jungle, tundra, or oceanic trenches (don't go in that dodgy submarine though).

  • Take images of wild organisms, insects, plants in their natural habitat, (or weeds invading a natural habitat!) just not planted plants or pet animals.

  • Take a friend and family and have fun!

We're looking forward to seeing what you find, showcasing the incredible biodiversity of the southern hemisphere.

A nudibranch called Polycera janjukia - about 1cm long! Had to look hard for this one!

Remember to put on your light on Saturday night to find all the moths that fly around after dark. You never know who will fly in.

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