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An amazing discovery close to home!

I just wanted to thank Sandy and all others who helped organize the first-ever Overstrand participation in the Great Southern Bioblitz. Pretty much all participants (163, first-ever I think) were iNaturalist ‘virgins’. What an incredible App! I think what the exercise did for most of us was to help focus our attention on the often-overlooked details. There is a lot here! Personally, I shied away from plants in the most part and tried to concentrate on faunal species other than birds. There are certainly enough expert plant and bird people in our midst. I even took a plunge in the ocean with a little pocket underwater camera to try and extend the species list a little. My favourite experience of the whole 4 days was right in front of the house where I spent too much of my time in the water interacting with the biggest octopus I have ever seen - anywhere!

Common Octopus Octopus vulgaris, observed at Boland Mountain Complex, Betty's Bay, by Pete Oxford.


For the Overberg to come in second place in the world on our first try was outstanding! Well done. Next year, now we know the ropes, we will be much more organized and give Cape Town a real run for their money. Looking forward to doing it again.

This blog was submitted by Pete Oxford as an entry in the "A picture is worth a thousand words' challenge

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