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BIOBLITZ LATAM First regional iNat event for LA!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Latin America undertakes a new adventure of biodiversity discovery by organizing the first bioblitz for the region!

From this Friday 18 until Sunday 20 December, you will have a new opportunity to register the rich flora and fauna that surrounds us. Under the auspice of National Geographic, the region organize the first BIOBLITZ LATAM, an event in which all Latin Americans will have the opportunity to participate using the iNaturalist App, to register flora and wild fauna in our homes, gardens, parks, avenues or wherever you are.

This event promotes the participation of family groups or friends who have been in daily contact during the quarantine, in order to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus. We ask that you abide by and respect the local health security measures of each country.

We have called the event "Biodiversity in bubbles", because it promotes participation with those who shared the quarantine, with your social bubble!

To participate if you have not yet used iNaturalist, you only have to download the application, create a user account, take all possible photos of animals, like insects, birds, lizards, or plants of any kind, and upload them to the platform using the application or directly through the internet portal.

If you have already used the application, then you can contribute by teaching your family and / or friends to use iNaturlist and widen the community of citizens scientists.

All observations must be made using the iNaturalist app.

Collaborators from around the world will help to make the identifications and thus, to obtain more information about the species, which will serve to support their conservation.

In this way, you will participate in one of the largest citizen science projects in the world and contribute to the knowledge and conservation of our biodiversity.

Look, observe and enjoy recording the biodiversity that surrounds us.

For detailed information on the event, please visit the link here


BIOBLITZ LATAM project in iNaturalist

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to fill the form in order to participate. Please find the link to the form on the website link here.

Share your observations on socials #BioBlitzLatam

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